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Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha trek is ideal for both beginners and experienced trekkers. For the novice, it is a great start to enter into the world of trekking. It can get a bit rigorous for the first-timers. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain good physical stamina and read extensively. Any experienced trekker would love to go on the Kedarkantha trek for the love of its views and trekking.

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6 Days12,250 ft.22 Km


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Start : Dehradun End : Dehradun
Inclusion in cost during the trek:
  • Free Transport From Dehradun to Dehradun
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Permit & Camping Charges
  • Trekking Gears
  • Safety Equipment
  • Specialist Trek Leader/Team
Exclusion in cost during the trek:
  • Anything separated from considerations
Available Dates
24-Jan to 29-Jan-21 (Available)
25-Jan to 30-Jan-21 (Available)
26-Jan to 31-Jan-21 (Available)
27-Jan to 01-Feb-21 (Available)
28-Jan to 02-Feb-21 (Available)
29-Jan to 03-Feb-21 (Available)
30-Jan to 04-Feb-21 (Available)
31-Jan to 05-Feb-21 (Available)
01-Feb to 06-Feb-21 (Available)
02-Feb to 07-Feb-21 (Available)
03-Feb to 08-Feb-21 (Available)
04-Feb to 09-Feb-21 (Available)
05-Feb to 10-Feb-21 (Available)
06-Feb to 11-Feb-21 (Available)
07-Feb to 12-Feb-21 (Available)
08-Feb to 13-Feb-21 (Available)
09-Feb to 14-Feb-21 (Available)
10-Feb to 15-Feb-21 (Available)
11-Feb to 16-Feb-21 (Available)
12-Feb to 17-Feb-21 (Available)
13-Feb to 18-Feb-21 (Available)
14-Feb to 19-Feb-21 (Available)
15-Feb to 20-Feb-21 (Available)
16-Feb to 21-Feb-21 (Available)
17-Feb to 22-Feb-21 (Available)
18-Feb to 23-Feb-21 (Available)
19-Feb to 24-Feb-21 (Available)
20-Feb to 25-Feb-21 (Available)
21-Feb to 26-Feb-21 (Available)
22-Feb to 27-Feb-21 (Available)
23-Feb to 28-Feb-21 (Available)
24-Feb to 01-Mar-21 (Available)
25-Feb to 02-Mar-21 (Available)
26-Feb to 03-Mar-21 (Available)
27-Feb to 04-Mar-21 (Available)
28-Feb to 05-Mar-21 (Available)
01-Mar to 06-Mar-21 (Available)
02-Mar to 07-Mar-21 (Available)
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21-Mar to 26-Mar-21 (Available)
22-Mar to 27-Mar-21 (Available)
23-Mar to 28-Mar-21 (Available)
24-Mar to 29-Mar-21 (Available)
25-Mar to 30-Mar-21 (Available)
26-Mar to 31-Mar-21 (Available)
27-Mar to 01-Apr-21 (Available)
28-Mar to 02-Apr-21 (Available)
29-Mar to 03-Apr-21 (Available)
30-Mar to 04-Apr-21 (Available)
31-Mar to 05-Apr-21 (Available)
01-Apr to 06-Apr-21 (Available)
02-Apr to 07-Apr-21 (Available)
03-Apr to 08-Apr-21 (Available)
04-Apr to 09-Apr-21 (Available)
05-Apr to 10-Apr-21 (Available)
06-Apr to 11-Apr-21 (Available)
07-Apr to 12-Apr-21 (Available)
08-Apr to 13-Apr-21 (Available)
09-Apr to 14-Apr-21 (Available)
10-Apr to 15-Apr-21 (Available)
Short Itinerary
  • Day 01: Dehradun – Sankri
  • Day 02: Sankri – Juda ka Talab
  • Day 03: Juda ka Talab – Kedarkantha Base Camps
  • Day 04: Base Camp – Kedarkantha Peak – Juda ka Talab
  • Day 05: Juda Ka Talab – Sankri
  • Day 06: Sankri – Dehradun