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Buran Ghati Trek - is a diamond hiding in the hills because of its unparalleled adventure and beauty!

Start From:14,499/-

Buran Ghati is a highly diverse trek and a thrilling pass that lies at a high altitude of 15,000 feet in the heart of Himachal. This amazing trek starts from Janglik and is perfect because it has got all the adventure which also includes sliding down and Rappelling down a snow wall. Therefore, witness the changing landscapes, diverse vegetation, superb mountain views, verdant forests, and quaint idyllic villages during your trek.

Short Itinerary

Day 1-Heading to the Janglik Base Camp (9,200 ft)

Day 2-Diude/Janglik to Dayara Thach (9,200 ft to 11,075 ft)

Day 3-Dayara to Litham (11,075 ft to 11,737 ft)

Day 4-Excursion to Chandranahan lake (11,737 ft to 13,900 ft and back)

Day 5-Litham to Nalabansh (11,737 ft to 13,365 ft)

Day 6-Nalabansh to Munirang (13,365 ft to 11,800 ft via Buran Ghati)

Day 7-Munirang to Brua Village(11,800 ft to 6,700 ft)

Detail Itinerary

Day 1

Heading to the Janglik Base Camp (9,200 ft)

Start from Shimla at 06:30 AM and take a 6-hour long journey to enjoy the Buran Ghati trek . Pick up vehicles will be arranged to leave from Shimla. Transportation is available on additional charges. The base camp of this Buran Ghati trek is Janglik. Diude is the closest road head to Janglik. From Rohru to Diude, you will get to see the beautiful Pabbar river. Watch the square wheat fields along the river and beautiful Himachali homes. The road climbs alongside pretty villages and mixed forests until it gets to the pine forests.

Duration:3 hours

Day 2

Diude/Janglik to Dayara Thach (9,200 ft to 11,075 ft)

Make your way to an ascent into a forest for about 30 minutes followed by a gradual descent for about an hour in the meadows ending with a gradual ascent through a forest. Come out of Janglik and witness the beautifully crafted wheat fields lined by charming wooden farmhouses on their edges. Within fifteen minutes, you will leave the last huts of quaint village behind your trail. Then start climbing the altitudes rapidly. In an hour, you will come to step on a ledge and then give your eyes the splendid views of janglik, Tonglu and other villages. Fifteen minutes later, past a clearing on your right, the trail climbs into an oak and pine forest. Watch the perfectly landscaped meadows of Dayara in front. Camp at Dayara.

Duration:3 hours

Day 3

Dayara to Litham (11,075 ft to 11,737 ft)

Today's trek starts with a gentle ascent for about 15 minutes followed by a stream crossing. Ascend through a pine forest and meadows for about an hour followed by a gentle descent through a silver birch forest and meadows. You will not require a refill today if you carry 2 liters of water from Dayara. Find streams on the trail. The trail from Dayara to Litham will show you some of the dense forests, wide green meadows, gushing streams, and brooks as you cover an altitude of 740 feet in 3 hours. The trail goes through the meadows towards the Gunas Pass. Enjoy the views of the snout of the Chandranahan waterfall, beyond which is the Chandranahan lake.On the right are the snow patched cliffs that hide the Rupin valley.

Duration: 3 hours

Day 4

Excursion to Chandranahan lake (11,737 ft to 13,900 ft and back)

The Chandranahan lake is a glacial tarn that is perennially fed by snow flanks of mountains that surround it. Cross the stream that you get just before the Litham campsite. Continue upstream on the shepherd’s trail to a ridge top. It is a steep descent from the lake to Litham. You must start early in the morning to be back at Litham at lunch.

Duration: 3 hours

Day 5

Litham to Nalabansh (11,737 ft to 13,365 ft)

Buran Pass trek can be easy or difficult depending on where you camp for the passing assault. Nalabansh at 13,000 ft is a perfect and short two-hour climb to the pass. The Dhauladhar range looms over the trail with the Gunas pass sitting pretty on top of the snowy flanks of the grey mountains. It is a monochrome setting of grey and white in front, with the green grasslands of Litham to the left, and cliffs of the bordering Rupin valley to the right. After an hour of climb, you will reach the ridge top of Nalabansh. Get the awesome views of Buran Ghati and the trail that leads to it. The camp is in an alpine zone. Snow-capped mountains flank the campsite on all sides.

Duration: 3 hours

Day 6

Nalabansh to Munirang (13,365 ft to 11,800 ft via Buran Ghati)

Follow the ridge and hop over boulders towards the base of the pass. From the base it is an hour long climb to the top, mostly on snow. Buran Ghati is at exactly 15,000 ft and offers a thrilling climb. It is a narrow ledge on the top. It takes about 2 hours to get to the end of the snow line. You also lose about 3,000 ft in altitude. Descend for another hour to get to a stream that needs to be hopped over. Across the stream the first farmers’ huts appear. You camp here for the night.

Duration: 3 hours

Day 7

Munirang to Brua Village(11,800 ft to 6,700 ft)

The descent to the Barua village is remarkable for the variety in vegetation and diversity. An hour and a half later the trail descends to a large gushing stream meeting the Barua Khud. A makeshift bridge lined with junipers and mud is the only way across. Climbing out of the stream, the trail is greeted with more diverse vegetation. An hour later the first apple orchards and signs of civilization await the trekkers. Once at the heart of the village, the descent is more rapid. In half an hour the trail pops out onto the road bridge over the Barua Khud.

Duration: 3 hours

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Other Information

Price Includes

  • All breakfasts, lunches and dinners from Dhaula to Sangla (VEG).
  • All accommodation from Dhaula to Sangla.
  • All campaign equipments Medical Kit.
  • Professional Trek Leaders (Experienced Guide/Staff) All forests permits

Price Excludes

  • Travel insurance and other emergencies.
  • All Meals from Kathgodam-Lohajung & Lohajung-Kathgodam
  • Mules (A Hybrid Animal) to carry personal luggage Single room accommodations
  • Hard Drinks (This also includes undistilled fermented beverages)
  • Photography accessories like cameras etc.

Terms & Conditions

Prices are "from", per person, based on 2 adults and 2 children (under the age of 12) sharing, and include all taxes. Day touring as per the itinerary.

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  1. This was my 2nd experience with them. It was educational, benefitial, reflective, fun, interesting, friendly, disciplined .. Considering the fact that it was in the remote hills, yet The Mountain Trekker provided such splendid facilities, I'll add luxurious.

  2. Sumit was awesome, awesome being an understatement. He not only was informative regarding the trees, environment, birds, mountains, trails, Gaia, local language, rock climbing

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